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Frost Engineering Service Company is an engineering product integrator that has been in business since 1954. We provide application engineering solutions that utilize our manufacturer’s products to solve our customer’s problems. The “Engineering” in our name means we have Professional Engineers on staff to assist with those solutions. And, as the “Service” in our name suggests, we have trained field service technicians to implement those engineered solutions.

There has been a change to the makeup of Frost Engineering Service Co NW. Axiom Northwest Inc. has joined Frost. The joining of the two companies brings 100 years of technical support to our clients. We look forward to continuing to provide our client services that they have grown to expect.


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Monthly Feature

The Jerguson® Magnicator® Magnetic Level Gage is an attractive alternative to sight glasses for many applications. It provides improved visibility, reduced maintenance, and eliminates leak paths associated with sealing glass. Reducing leak paths is critical amongst many users for flammable or toxic service. There are many options available with the Jerguson Magnetic Level Gage, including:

  • Oversized Chamber Designs for Dirty Service
  • High Pressure Spherical Floats
  • FlashProof Chamber Designs for Boiling Fluids and Flashing Vapors
  • LED Illuminator for Enhanced Continous Visibility
  • Guided Wave Radar, Switches, and Transmitters

We are a 2017 GOLD ILE Partner