Clark-Reliance continues to be the global leader in the level indication and control, sightflow indication, and filtration and separation industries. Clark-Reliance is dedicated to supplying the largest and broadest product line in the instrumentation industry as the single-source for all types of level measurement and control. From engineered boiler trim instrumentation to the varying demands of the process industry, they are fully committed and dedicated to providing the lowest “cost-of-ownership” and most innovative products and solutions. Extensive capital investment in manufacturing technologies and business systems helps Clark-Reliance deliver the highest quality products with economical benefits, reducing expenses for their customers.


Clark-Reliance Anderson, part of the Filtration Equipment Group division, offers a broad variety of mechanical separators for gases and liquids, including Vane Type, Multi-Cyclone, Centrifugal and Filter. Their separators provide unmatched liquid and solids removal and require no maintenance. To meet customers’ diverse specifications, units are available in a range of sizes from ¼” NPT and up.


Clark-Reliance Jacoby-Tarbox offers the world’s most extensive line of sight flow indicators and sight windows. Jacoby-Tarbox, founded in 1914, is the original US manufacturer of sight flow indicators and are now manufactured by the ISO 9001 registered Clark-Reliance Corporation. Today, they continue to offer innovative, trend-setting products, while meeting more industry specifications “out of the box” than any other sight flow indicators on the market.


Clark-Reliance Jerguson Controls is a leading supplier of level gaging products. They offer the world’s largest selection of liquid level gage glasses, magnetic level gages, liquid level switches and transmitters. Jerguson gages and valves have been installed and successfully used on a wide variety of liquid level applications, from basic chemical storage tanks to the most advanced nuclear aircraft carriers. With their complete product offerings in both traditional glass gages and magnetic gages, Jerguson is able to satisfy customers’ diverse needs. Clark-Reliance Jerguson provides you a single-source level measurement and control solution, bringing an entirely new plateau of technology to remote level indication.


Clark-Reliance Magne-Sonics was founded in 1988 as U.S. licensee and is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of liquid level measurement devices. They are specialists in “non-standard” products engineered to customer specifications. Magne-Sonics provides a single source level measurement solution with Tuning Fork Technology Point Level Sensors, Displacer Transmitters, Non-Contact UltraSonics, Capacitance, and External Cage Float and Displacement Switches

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