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Everlasting Valve Company manufactures four different types of valves that are designed to meet the needs of a huge range of severe applications. They manufacture a process valve that is ANSI Class rated for handling dry abrasives and slurries to 1500°F and up to 10,000 psi. The process valve is fully customizable and available in virtually any body material, trim, or actuator. Their bulk material valve, or BMV, is designed to handle dry abrasives in pressures up to 100 psi. It is available in single or bi-directional sealing, in cast iron or carbon steel for temperatures up to 550°F or in carbon steel only for temperatures up to 750°F. Everlasting Valve also manufactures a diverging/converging valve in cast iron or fully customizable fabricated designs for handling of dry abrasives and slurries. Their steam-boiler-blowdown valves, the first valves produced by Everlasting Valve, meet ASME/ANSI Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code for blow-off service.

Engineered for exceptional performance, longevity, and value, Everlasting Valve’s boiler-blowdown valves, diverter valves, bulk-material valves, and process valves have replaced components such as knife-gate valves, pinch valves, ball valves, and globe valves from other industrial valve manufacturers. Today, Everlasting Valve continues to set the industry standard as the valve of choice in severe-service applications around the world.

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