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Maarky Thermal Systems provides state-of-the-art heat transfer equipment and services to power plants worldwide.  Equipment designed by Maarky engineers has been hailed as the standard for optimal and reliable performance. Maarky offers steam surface condensers, feedwater heaters, and heat exchangers for all types of power plants.  Solar power plant heat exchangers such as steam generators, preheaters, superheaters, reheaters and molten salt heat exchangers are Maarky’s specialty.  Maarky heat transfer products are designed to offer reliable performance and are manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

The corporate slogan of “Innovate & Implement” is embedded in every facet of Maarky’s culture.  Pursuit of innovations and improvement in all spheres of business activity such as sales and marketing, equipment design, fabrication, project management, quality assurance, after sales service, customer satisfaction is a part of everyday effort at Maarky. Implementations of these innovations, however minor they might be, allow Maarky to be more efficient, competitive, and better aligned to meet the growing and demanding needs of the global power industry.

Maarky engineers have designed hundreds of steam surface condensers and feedwater heaters operating in power plants worldwide with generating capacity in excess of 100,000 MW. Innovative and optimized designs, in addition to superior product knowledge, ensure that the heat transfer components perform to the highest standards of efficiency. Robust designs combined with proper safety features permit optimal performance during normal and transient operation. Skilled craftsmen with the state of the art machinery and tools guarantee that Maarky products are fabricated to highest standards of quality.

Comprehending the evolving needs of the power industry and recognizing the drawbacks of the existing know-how enables Maarky engineers to craft innovative technologies to bridge the gap.  Publications of these bridging concepts have encouraged the engineering community to move in new directions with relevant revisions to applicable codes and standards. The initiative of Maarky engineers to expand the prevailing technologies to new horizons has been applauded by the engineering community.

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