Established in Japan in 1950, TLV has grown to become a world authority in steam engineering products and services. Since its founding, TLV’s goal has been to produce dependable, long-lasting steam traps. TLV now counts companies in 12 different countries and offers products through over 100 distributors worldwide. TLV’s quality system is certified to ISO9001, with products and services exceeding the strictest standards and requirements for a wide range of applications including nuclear power generation and pharmaceutical grade clean steam.

TLV maintains a level of craftsmanship that surpasses customer expectations. To achieve this, research and development does not imitate present and industry standard designs, but instead completely reengineers concepts and ideas. Driven to design and build only patented products, TLV has obtained over 3800 patents and utility models to date. This number is in and of itself a testament to originality.

TLV had the original concept of using a perfect sphere as a valve mechanism, supported by the high-quality precision production technology to make it possible. The result was the Free Float®; a device simple in construction, with only one moving part, yet possessing amazing durability and sealing properties. This technology is reflected in many TLV products, satisfying customers with its performance, energy savings and long life.

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